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Our Values

Homes not houses

A house is property, but a home is uniquely personal – a place full of emotion and memories. We empathize with your challenges and can help you sell your homes without the hassle and worry, so you can remember the good times in the home, not the painful remodel and selling process.

Results Matter

Central Bay Properties, LLC and our partners have a trusted track record of delivering on our promises and closing transactions.

Simplicity is key

Our simple four step process will relieve you of your worries, concerns, expenses and valuable time. We can make all your problems go away in as little as fourteen days.

We’re focused on providing an amazing experience

Delighting home owners by solving your real estate problems is what we do best. Our laser focus on being easy to work with in a trustworthy, dignified and professional manner is why we keep getting referrals and families choose Central Bay Properties, LLC.

How Central Bay Properties began

Central Bay Properties, LLC was created to fill a void in the market when certain property owners get stuck in the middle and don’t know what to do. Many properties are market-ready and are perfect to turn over to a licensed realtor. For those types of properties, that is exactly what we recommend, consult a licensed realtor. Other homes need a lot of work to make them market-ready and will take too much time or too much money to interest an experienced realtor who really wants to focus their time on selling market-ready properties. At Central Bay Properties, LLC. we are positioned to buy and renovate homes for resale, or to give you a quick sale if you just need to quickly move on with your life. We are happy to buy your home in any condition or any circumstance.

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