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How We Help Realtors

Many realtors at first glance assume we are competing with them for clients. This is simply not the case. Central Bay Properties LLC is positioned to be an additional tool in the realtor’s toolbox. When a potential client has a home that would not be economical or efficient for a realtor to handle, such as needing to sell quickly, has a lot of deferred maintenance, or may be in foreclosure. All these scenarios require a lot of effort, consuming a realtor’s most important resource, time. We want to be a resource for a realtor to spend more time doing what they do best, selling.

Here at Central Bay Properties, LLC, we have a solution that can help you and your clients. Selling a home to us is typically much quicker (as little as 14 days), and required no open houses, no repairs, no hassle.

We will work with realtors. We will pay you commissions for your listing and after we renovate the property, we will relist it with you again when we are ready to sell. That could double or even triple your income on the same property.

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Are you a contractor or developer?

We buy homes “as is,” meaning there is ALWAYS work needed to take a home from the condition we buy it in to being ready for resale or rent. If you are a contractor with experience in home renovations then please feel free to reach out to us and we may be able to do business together. We’re local to the San Francisco Central Bay Area and hope to work on a project with you soon.

We also often buy properties with large lots where it would be more beneficial to do a complete demolition and rebuild. If you are a developer interested in getting on our email list to be informed about these development opportunities, please let us know about your interest by contacting us using the button below.

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